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Land Rover has revealed The Catch, a dramatic new sculpture to celebrate Rugby World Cup 2015. Measuring over 8m tall, The Catch is the second piece in a collaboration between Land Rover's Design Director Gerry McGovern, and the acclaimed Italian artist Nino Mustica.

The Catch was inspired by the line out, one of the most memorable moments in rugby that demands a unique combination of power and finesse. Representing the fusion of art, design and sport, it builds on the critical success of McGovern and Mustica's first collaboration, Unstoppable Spirit, which debuted in London in September, 2015. During the Rugby World Cup 2015, The Catch will serve as a meeting point for fans at Twickenham Stadium, England and the Millennium Stadium, Wales.

The design of the first collaboration was inspired by the capability of the new Land Rover Discovery Sport. The Catch extends this idea further, drawing on the power and control inherent in a rugby line out.

"I'm thrilled to be working with Gerry again on this fascinating project," says Mustica, who has a studio in Milan. "Unstoppable Spirit was about the interaction between abstract art and the industrial design of the Discovery Sport. Now The Catch builds on this by also considering the power and beauty of rugby."

I believe art and design enrich people's lives in all their manifestations and I've no doubt this work will make a valuable contribution to the spectacle of Rugby World Cup 2015

Gerry McGovernDesign Director and Chief Creative Officer, Land Rover

"I have always been a huge admirer of Nino's work and I'm delighted to be collaborating with him again," says McGovern, who is also a Visiting Professor at the Royal College of Art. "Our team at Land Rover understands that art and design are central to the creation of highly desirable vehicles that resonate on an emotional level. I believe art and design enrich people's lives in all their manifestations and I've no doubt this work will make a valuable contribution to the spectacle of Rugby World Cup 2015."

Lawrence Dallaglio OBE, a Rugby World Cup 2003 winner, acted as a consultant to The Catch. He visited Land Rover's technical centre in Gaydon, England, to discuss with McGovern the unique characteristics of the line out. Throughout his career Dallaglio, who won 85 England caps, was recognised as a leading exponent of the skill, making him the ideal person to advise on a project that looks at the line out with a fresh perspective.

Constructed in Turin, Italy, The Catch is 8.2 metres high and 10 metres wide and took a team of forty people over 10,000 man-hours to build. Each sculpture features over 100 square metres of artificial grass and recreates the Land Rover Discovery Sport in a scale of 1:1. There are also thirty-nine individual lights, which are used to create an abstract light show representing the colours of the twenty competing nations.

To see the first collaboration, click here

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