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You can now use Spotify in Land Rover vehicles fitted with InControl Apps following the launch of a unique in-car Spotify app.

In conjunction with Spotify, the world’s largest streaming service, Land Rover has developed the first app to offer in-car personalised playlists based on users tastes and listening habits.

Peter Virk, Director of Connected Technologies and Apps at Jaguar Land Rover, said: “Spotify has more than 100 million subscribers, a portion of whom drive Land Rovers, so we recognised that Spotify was at the top of our customers’ apps wish list. The Spotify design team worked closely with us to create the best in-vehicle experience.”

The collaboration between the two companies is the result of a year’s worth of teamwork between Land Rover and Spotify. The design teams set out to create a familiar and immersive experience designed for in-car use. The interface mirrors that found within Spotify meaning users will recognise it from using their smartphones. In addition, users are able to swipe horizontally to scroll through menus, which display artwork tiles, helping minimise distractions while driving.The app also makes use of Spotify’s ‘deep learning’ which recognises listener habits, supplying users with personalised ‘Just for You’ playlists containing recommended tracks, saving time when scrolling through music. Drivers in low-signal areas have also been considered; Spotify’s ‘Offline Mode’ intelligently pre-loads content and will display only downloaded content when the driver has a poor internet connection.

First to try the app ahead of its launch was Ricky Wilson of the Kaiser Chiefs and Elliot Gleave, AKA Example. The two went head to head in a battle of musical tastes with both creating a playlist of their top driving songs. The artists’ playlists feature recent and classic tracks and include their latest singles, Kaiser Chiefs’ ‘Hole in My Soul’ and Example’s ‘Later.’ Both driving playlists are available now via the official Kaiser Chiefs and Example Spotify profiles.

To find out more about other apps and features available as part of InControl.

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